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Check your Strategy Quotient. Use our Pricing for Profit calculator. With our proprietary self-assessment tools, you'll see where you stand today - knowledge you need in order to guide future growth. Many of the tools offer expert advice on improving your company's strategic position.
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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

- Albert Einstein

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Strategy Quotient
It takes just a few minutes to find out how well your company is doing in formulating and implementing a sound strategy. You'll get immediate feedback and advice. (Read More...)

Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis
Apply Michael Porter's Five Forces model to your industry. Identify the competitive forces in your industry and learn how to combat them (Read More...)

Pricing for Profit
What's one of the most common and costly business errors? Failure to raise prices! Discover what impact a price increase or decrease would have on your business... you may be surprised! (Read More...)
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