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Financial Benchmarks

"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in Peril." Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Strategy is like war. You need to understand the competition and how your company stacks up. Success is a relative term. You may be doing well but you may not be doing as well as your competitors.
Strategy is about resources. Understanding how competitors are investing their resources and how efficient they are in deploying them can tell you a lot about their strategy and how your strategy compares.
Strategy is about capturing territory. Before you go into battle you need to know the terrain -- you need to understand your market. How big is it? How fast is it growing? How many competitors are in the market?

We offer two different benchmarking reports.

Industry Financial Profile: Compare your company's financial profile with other companies in your industry.

  • Three types of financial profiles are available for over 10,000 lines of business
    1. Industry-wide Profiles (all companies in the US in your industry)
    2. Customized Profiles based on annual sales volume (US companies similar in size to your company in your industry)
    3. Small Business Profiles (all US companies within your industry with less than 35 employees)
  • Profit and Loss Statement - Typical and common size
  • Balance Sheet - Typical and common size
  • 31 Financial Ratios -- including cash flow, profitability, liquidity, turnover and efficiency ratios
  • Three and five-year reports available with up-to-date financial data
  • Over 75,000 financial profiles available
  • Over 12 million businesses included in database

Market Research Reports: Determine the size of your market and how fast it is growing.

  • Two types of Market Research Reports are available for over 16,000 lines of business
    1. US Market Research Reports (US statistics aggregated at the National level)
    2. Local Market Research Reports for every state and 250 metropolitan market areas
  • Population density in your industry for firms, small businesses and startups.
  • Market size and growth for last 3 years
  • Sales per employee and employment growth for last 3 years
  • Failure rates for companies in your industry
  • Industry vitality measures
  • 3-year industry concentration rates

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