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Craft Your Strategy

Use our strategic planning exercises to help your management team think strategically. You'll save time, build consensus, and make better decisions when you apply the most advanced strategic-thinking concepts and the best strategic planning practices to your business.
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Strategy Quote Of The Day

"At EDS, we focus on four strategic directions. Bigger, Better, Broader, Bolder. We call them the Killer B's."

- Lester Alberthal, CEO, EDS

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Good to Great Exercise
There are few great companies. Find out where your team thinks you stand and what you need to do to move from "good" to "great". Exercise based on Jim Collins's study of great companies. (Read More...)

Industry Trends Exercise
Detect and prioritize major changes in your marketplace. Develop effective strategies that take advantage of trends in your market and industry. (Read More...)

SWOT Analysis Exercise
Discover real opportunities and threats to your business. Examine your company's ability to take advantage of your best opportunities. Identify gaps that could undermine growth. Have your team complete an online SWOT analysis before your next planning session. Then you can spend your time talking about which opportunities to pursue and what capabilities you need to strengthen. (Read More...)
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