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"Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult."

- Hippocrates (460-400 BC)

"You can not step twice in the same river."

- Heraclitus

"Every threat, creates an opportunity."

- Dan Schweiker, CEO, China Mist Tea

"Only hire people that will do it better than you do. Too many people hire people to make them look good."

- Dan Schweiker, CEO, China Mist Tea

"With every pair of hands you get a free brain."

- Jack Stack

"Leaders live in the future, managers live in the present, and accountants live in the past."

- Paul Orfalea, Founder & Chairman, Kinko's

"Integrity is like virginity, you only lose it once."

- Paul Orfalea, Founder & Chairman, Kinko's

"Inside every large problem, there is a small problem waiting to get out."

- Anonymous

"The schools in this country are one of the biggest reasons we're all so screwed up. Our educational experience consists of three great lies. Lie number one is, It's better to say, 'I know' than to say 'I don't know.' Lie number two: It's better to answer a question than to ask a question. Lie three: It's better to worship at the foot of success than understand the nature of failure."

- Richard Saul Wurman, Inc. Magazine, May 1997

"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

- William Jennings Bryan

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