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"Remember the three C's. Concepts (do you have the innovative ideas?), Competence (do you have the right skills?), Connections (do you have the rolodex to create great alliances and partnerships?)."

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor, Harvard Business School

"Being an entrepreneur is like setting your hair on fire and putting it out with a ball peen hammer. The fire's out, but you have to live with the lumps."

- Overheard at 1997 Inc. 500 Conference

"Ignoring the potential causes of failure won't make them go away... Facing them and taking preventative action will."

- Richard Gooding

"Confidence is what you feel until you're forced to face the facts."

- Anonymous

"It's not what you say that is important. It's what other people hear."

- Anonymous

"Economics, like thermodynamics, rests on three principles: You get what you pay for; You can't get something for nothing; And if supply and demand can't be balanced by price adjustments, you get shortages. Bases on these things: Politics is the art of denying these principles. Public policy is the science of implementing programs based on these denials until crisis survives, at which point dueling lobbyists work to shift blame to convenient villains. Business is the craft of seeking profits in a market distorted by public policy without becoming a designated villain."

- Bill Frezza, Communications Week, 11/25/96

"When making a critical decision...remember that... any group tends to become mesmerized as it talks up its convictions."

- Leonard Sayles, Ph.D.

"Wishful thinking is a contradiction in terms."

- Malcolm Forbes

"Good intentions are no substitute for good results."

- Malcolm Forbes

"The scenery never changes if you follow."

- Anonymous

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