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Strategy Tips

What is strategic planning and why is it essential for your company? Read these tips to learn about the strategic-planning process and its benefits for company performance. Discover how strategy is a creative process that can be fun and energizing.

Understanding Your Environment
Industry change can represent a threat or-if you're well prepared-an opportunity. Here are ideas on how to create and take advantage of changes in your company's environment and industry.

Understanding Your Customer
Customers - you can't live with them and you can't live without them. Here are tips on how to prosper making your best customers happy.

Understanding Your Company
Learn how to leverage your company's capabilities and resources to create your own strategic advantage.

Developing Your Vision
Creating a vision is often the most difficult and demanding step in strategic planning. Find out why a vision statement is so important and learn to create one for your company.

Making Better Decisions
Strategy is all about making decisions-the right decisions. At times, even the sharpest and most experienced executives fall into decision traps that negatively affect their companies. Find out what those traps are and how to avoid them.

Pricing for Profits
Pricing mistakes are among the most common ways managers sabotage their own businesses. Learn how pricing affects your bottom line and how to price your product/service to maximize company profitability.

Successfully Pursuing New Growth Opportunities
Growth is a key part of any strategic plan, yet many executives undermine their companies' strengths when developing new products or expanding into new markets. Here are ways to make sure you move forward without shooting yourself in the foot.

Implementing Your Strategy
To paraphrase Thomas Edison, "Strategy is one percent formulation and ninety-nine percent implementation." Learn how to set your strategy in motion to strengthen and energize your business.

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Strategy Quote Of The Day

"Every threat, creates an opportunity."

- Dan Schweiker, CEO, China Mist Tea

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